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This Video Of Brid Stack Couldn’t But Bring A Tear To Your Eye

Since it was uploaded at 7:00am Irish time this morning the GWS Giants video honing in on their debutants for the opening weekend of the 2022 AFLW season has taken Irish social media by storm, for one reason, and one reason only.

Bríd Stack.

The 11 time all Ireland winner once before caught the sympathy and well wishes of the nation this time last year, when a neck injury in preseason ruled her out of ALFW participation.

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This time around however the tale is a happy one, although it may still bring a tear to you eye. Witnessed amongst her fellow teammates, the Cork legend holds the room’s focus from 1:40, when manager Alan McConnell wryly scans the room and poses the question, “Have I forgotten anything?”

“Maybe one more” someone chimes in, before Cora Staunton, Mayo LGFA stalwart and Stack’s close friend added: “Just add in the other Irish there.”

The room erupts into clapping while Stack herself releases emotion, bombarded by relief and teammates hugging her.

Her debut in the ALFW is to come this weekend, one year on, with no doubt she is going to “kick ass!”

“I’m probably just going to start crying like I’ve been crying since Alan gave me the nod,” Stack reflected with GWS Giants.

“I’m just so excited, it’s probably a massive relief.”

“There were obviously a lot of logistics to work out at home first before I could commit to this season but there’s definitely been a burning desire in me and I definitely want to give it a go” she added.

“I want to repay this team for the love and support they showed my family last year and hopefully I can do that on the playing field.”

This Sunday signals the might day when the Giants face off with Gold Coast at 7:10 Irish time, with highlights of all the Irish action to be aired on TG4’s ‘AFL Aussie Rules na mBan’ on Monday night at 7.30pm.

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