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Massage Guns: An Honest Insight

Massage guns. Even if you’re not a high-performance athlete or a fitness fanatic, you no doubt have heard of the massage guns. So the question is, are they worth the hype? Are they worth the investment?

We got our hands on the brand new Massage Guns Ireland 2.0 and are here to tell you all about it!

The Massage Gun 2.0 from

The Massage Gun is a game changer for training and recovery. It helps improve blood flow, flexibility, mobility, general freedom of movement. Essentially, it allows for a massage on demand – I mean, who doesn’t love a massage? Whether you’re at home or on the move, the Massage Guns Ireland kits are neat and easy to carry, with the gun and all the heads packed in one small case.

Initially, massage guns were first used by top level athletes. Yet now,it is becoming more and more popular by athletes at all levels and even the casual fitness fan. Massage guns are becoming more affordable and taking the world by storm. When they first came to market, they were quite the investment, costing anywhere from €400/500 up.

Massage Guns Ireland have brought out an affordable high-end model to market with the Massage Gun 2.0. This gun is recommended for “the serious athlete” costing €285, while the Massage Gun 1.0 is €195. At the date of article release, Her Sport have an exclusive discount code for the Massage Gun 1.0 which will get you €30 off, bringing the gun to €165 (Code: HER30).

The Massage Gun is an ideal tool to have in the current climate. After the initial investment you make a real saving in the long-term, avoiding having to go for that sports massage for minor relief. You also avoid the person to person contact during these strange times!

We found the Massage Gun 2.0 great for after a hard workout. Using the different modes and heads it really helped reduce the pains and muscle soreness the next day. This model has 6 different attachable heads and also has 5 vibration speeds, which allows you to use the tool effectively for different muscle groups. When initially looking at the variety of heads, you may wonder which muscles to use them for, but Massage Guns Ireland have included a helfpul guide, recommending each head for specific areas. It’s also surprisingly quiet!

The massage guns “increase blood flow and flush away lactic acid”, which is appealing for every athlete, but the product is certainly not restricted to sport and exercise fanatics. Everyone experiences stiffness, knots and pain. A long day at the desk or on the road can really impact your body and the massage gun can assist in relieving pressure and tension, encouraging looseness and relaxation. The Massage Guns are definitely very easy to use on yourself but it can be a little awkward to reach your back. If you want to feel like you’re really at the massage clinic, sit back, relax and have someone do it for you – bliss!

It’s important to remember that the massage guns are not there to replace physiotherapists when it comes to treating injury but they can certainly aid in recovery and assist in injury prevention. As mentioned, they are easy to bring on the go and the battery life is great – with the Massage Gun 1.0 lasting up to 3 hours and Massage Gun 2.0 lasting up to 6 hours. The battery doesn’t drain quickly so if you don’t use it for a few days, don’t worry – it’s still ready to go!

Sharlene Mawdsley is a Massage Guns Ireland ambassador.

Elite athlete Sharlene Mawdsley shares her experience of the Massage Guns Ireland products:

“Massage Guns Ireland has helped me massively over the last year. The support I have received since I first received a massage gun back in December to then becoming a brand ambassador for them is amazing. It’s a product I truly believe in and it has maximized my recovery massively. As an elite athlete using the massage gun daily I ensure my recovery is always on point. Since using it I have been able to cut down on getting soft tissue work as the massage gun itself optimizes my recovery. I would recommend the massage gun to everyone. Not only sport people, I believe everyone can make use of it. It’s a 10/10 product.”

Mayo footballer and Collingwood AFLW player Sarah Rowe has also endorsed the product saying “Now that we’re back in group training after lockdown, the intensity is up and I’ve needed to recover as effectively as possible. Using the massage gun requires so little effort. I can use whle sitting on the couch and know I’m aiding my recovery while I relax after a training session”.

At date of article release, Her Sport have an exclusive discount code for the Massage Gun 1.0 which will get you €30 off, bringing the gun to €165 (Code: HER30).

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