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Modibodi Period Pants: Tried And Tested

In recent years, the period underwear sector has seen enormous growth as conversations about periods, sustainability and women’s health are increasingly included in the media. Pioneering fash-tech brand Modibodi launched to the UK in 2018 with their popular core range of leak-proof underwear and in 2020 the range now includes swimwear, activewear, new colours, the Maxi 24hr and a detachable style for easy changing.

Modibodi are leading the way in innovating solutions to leaks for people across the globe, however there is still a long way to go when it comes to normalizing conversations about all kinds of leaks, from periods, pee and perspiration. Research undertaken by Modibodi shows almost one in three young girls are afraid of talking about periods but the taboo-busting brand is on a mission to replace fear and shame with understanding, encourage sustainable alternatives, breakdown taboos and overall – help everyone embrace their bodies. 

As a brand who champion normalizing leaks, using red to show real blood and encouraging all those who have periods to feel confident no matter the time of the month, we wanted to put their products to the test and decide for ourselves if they really worked.

What is Modibodi?
Modibodi design underwear which can be used as an alternative to more typical sanitary products, such as pads or tampons, and can be worn, washed and worn again. They’re an environmentally friendly option, allowing you to totally remove disposable sanitary products from your routine plus they’re comfortable, stylish and work out cheaper over time than disposables alternatives.

First impressions
Before trying, I was a little apprehensive. From such a young age we’re taught to put our trust into more traditional products but I was up for trying them out! With a pad or tampon you just put it in the bin and it’s out of sight out of mind, which isn’t great for the environment, but it is easy and what we’re all accustomed to. I was wondering how do you handle the situation when you need to change them, particularly if you’re in a public place, and then the task of washing them too. Despite this, I was looking forward to trying them out – what was the worst that could happen?

How long can you wear them?
For the heavier days it takes a bit of thinking to work out whether you need to change them. You can pair them with a tampon or a menstrual cup when trying to figure out what works for you. Looking on the website, Modibodi have lots of different absorbencies, from super light to overnight which means you can pick what’s best for you. For the first few days of trialing I did have to think about the fact I was wearing them but the absorbency is good enough to be able to wear most of the day – once you understand what absorbency works for you and understand how heavy your period is on certain days, it’s great! I did pair with a tampon at first as a safety net but once I felt more confident this wasn’t necessary and I didn’t notice any smell which is something that had been a worry. 

I tried out the underwear, active shorts and swimwear but there are a number of products available to buy, depending how much you want to commit to the brand and product and what you need them for. The underwear was especially good at night times and I found it great for the days leading up to your period, if you were unsure exactly when it was due – you don’t have to worry! At points I did feel I was really testing them and was quite conscious of them but it was actually fine, no leaks. When you’ve tried them out a couple of times you start to trust them and know how long you can wear them.

There’s actually a range specifically for teens too which would’ve made such a difference to my confidence growing up, being able to go to school in them and do sports without having to worry. The shorts I found great for sports training as they can be worn on their own, or as extra back up. I found them really comfortable and flattering with a useful zip pocket, so much so that I’d wear them just on normal days. 

The Verdict
I was really pleasantly surprised after being initially apprehensive, now I’m a big fan and huge advocate. I think they’d be particularly good for students/young people as they do work out better economically. I spoke to a couple of people who were also unsure if they would actually work when I told them I was testing the range, they were curious to hear how it went. So many people want to do something better for the environment but need that confidence to make the swap, however once you swap it does make such a difference. You realise how much being on your period can affect your confidence day to day, worrying about leaks. My advice for people who want to try would be to expect it to take abit of trust as it is something totally different but work out your comfort level and go for it, you’ll likely surprise yourself and you can always try them out at home if you’re unsure, especially at the minute with everyone stuck at home it’s the optimum time to try.

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If you want to find out more, tune in to hear myself & Hailey talk about the range!

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