Monday Coffee Break With Nicole Walsh

She’s a closet WWE fan, knows her Rock Johnson from her Rey Mysterio, and last year one of her championship experiences could have been scripted by Vince McMann (Ok we may have lost a lot of people by now!).

Today’s coffee break is with Tipperary’s flying forward, Nicole Walsh.

Nicole Walsh

Coffee order? Americano

Occupation? Secondary school teacher and an instructor at Leap gym in Borrisoleigh

Where did you first pick up a hurl? Out in the back garden

Who makes your hurls? Bourkes sports in Borrisoleigh

WH: Bit of a Sarah Dervan, Mullagh vibe going on here 🙄

Any nicknames? Nic, Nic Nic, Walshie

Of all the teams you’ve played for, what’s your favourite jersey? We are guessing Borrisoleigh? Yes 😂

If you could have the jersey of one opponent you respect the most who would it be? Mary Ryan

WH: Ah come on, there is life outside Tipp, Tipp, Tipp ya know… Disclaimer – We agree Mol Ryan is class 👌⚾️

Who is the biggest whinger at county training? Miriam Campion. She’ll be on now for a whinge about me calling her a whinger!

Who is most likely to hang you out to dry on social media on a night out? Megan Ryan, although she is in Oz for the year thank god!

Of everything you’ve won, what’s your most cherished medal? Minor All-Ireland

Medals up on the wall or thrown in a drawer? I couldn’t tell you where they are, I trust my mother has them put away somewhere. It’s easy look after them when there’s not too many! Yet…!

WH: That there is fighting talk!

Midi socks or long socks? Midi socks, Megan Ryan would defo give out to me here, she loves the ankle socks…

WH: A third option, interesting… 🧐

Carpool karaoke on way to training. Which song and who would you pick to belt it out with? Cáit can drive and Miriam brings her speaker… Megan can be on vocals. Canter all the way…

Favourite pre-match fuel? Poached eggs on toast and an americano

Cheat meal? Chicken stir fry from The Ragg, half chips half rice, and has to be served by Miriam Campion…!

WH: We’ll nearly have to give poor Miriam a right to reply at this stage!

Favourite ground to hurl in? Semple Stadium

What’s the one thing you have to do to play county that you’ll stop immediately on retirement? Getting up early on Sunday mornings for training!

Tell us something we may not know about you? I used to be a huge fan of WWE… I have 6 older brothers who made me watch it ok…!

WH: CAN YOU SMELL, WHAT MIRIAM CAMPION, IS COOKING?! See what we did there? 😏 Ok moving on…

Finally Nicole, leave it as it is or change to hurling rules? Hurling rules please and thanks!

This article was brought to you in association with Women’s Hurling.

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