Breaking Barriers & Empowering Women In Sport: Her Sport & Life Style Sports Join Forces

By the age of 14, girls drop out of sport at twice the rate of boys. This is not for a lack of passion or skill; girls’ and women’s sports are often under-funded, under-supported and under-promoted.

The fact is girls and women have not been given the same opportunity. 40.8% of participants in sport are female, but did you know, just 6% of media coverage in Ireland goes to women’s sport? Her Sport has set out with the mission of creating more visibility, giving girls and women a voice in sport. This vision of equality is being proudly backed and supported by Life Style Sports, the first official partner of Her Sport, who share the mission of empowering women.

Nowadays girls and women are bombarded with millions of different societal pressures, where they are constantly trying to stay within the mold rather than stand out. Her Sport and Life Style Sports are committed to empower every girl and woman, regardless of talent or ability, to achieve their full potential and find a way to be active with something they love, while enjoying a lifelong involvement in sport.

Life Style Sports are committed to empowering women through their Life, their Style, and their Sports. This is brought to life in a number of ways, from the latest product with the best tech, to inclusive apparel sizing, expanding their football training range and boot sizing options.

This is not just brought to life through their campaigns and product offering, but within the Life Style Sports business over 64% of their leadership roles are filled by women, with that raising to over 71% at store management level.

Her Sport’s official launch comes after a surge in the women’s sports space and a standout year of engagement. Over recent months, the Her Sport website and social channels have grown by 368% and 253% respectively. Her Sport aims to increase the visibility of women’s sport through written coverage, exclusive interviews, podcasts and other digital content. There are so many great sporting role models out there but visibility is lacking. It’s imperative we promote our female athletes and give our young girls the chance to aspire to be that next generation of Irish sportswomen. An enormous amount of effort and time has been put in to get Her Sport where it is today and the new partnership with Life Style Sports will take Her Sport to the next level.

“At Her Sport, we are thrilled to welcome Life Style Sports as a partner and look forward to changing the face of women’s sport together. Her Sport and Life Style Sports are at the forefront of change, creating a cultural shift for women’s sport and promoting equality and opportunity. This partnership will allow us to further elevate our efforts and get closer to achieving our vision.”

Niamh Tallon, Founder of Her Sport

“Sport & exercise plays a vitally important role in helping to maintain both physical and mental well being, now more than ever. Everyone at Life Style Sports is delighted to start our partnership with Her Sport and to work together empowering women in sport.

Life Style Sports inspiration stores are a destination for women’s sport with our range of leggings, sports bras and footwear. Over the last 18 months we have also launched a plus size apparel range, women’s football training apparel and extended the sizing availability for football boots so that she can have the right product for her chosen sport.

While working with Her Sport we will be helping to continue to drive awareness of the role women play in sport, shining a light on the amazing talent here in Ireland. This will be an fantastic year for sport and we can’t wait to get started!”

Gordon Newman, Go To Market Director of Life Style Sports

Irish sports stars are standing up for equality, supporting the vision of equality for women in sport. Irish rugby star Beibhinn Parsons, International Swimmer and Paralympian Nicole Turner, Professional Golfer Olivia Mehaffey, Irish National Champion Amy O’Donoghue, Irish Olympic rower Monika Dukarska, World Rowing Medalist Katie O’Brien, All-Ireland Camogie winner Heather Cooney, Irish Hockey star Nikki Daly and Irish footballer, Louise Quinn. 

Men’s sport is not just for men, and likewise, women’s sport is not just for women. Her Sport advocates “It’s just sport” and are proud to have the support of two prominent male sporting figures, World Medalist & Olympic rower Philip Doyle and Irish Record Holder & Olympic swimmer Darragh Greene.

The efforts from Her Sport and Life Style Sports in creating a cultural shift and changing the face of women’s sport, is amplified by the support of these prominent sporting heroes.

“I’m so excited to see Life Style Sports partner with Her Sport. It’s great to see these two organisations come together and empower girls and women in sport. Having worked with Life Style for a few years, they have really pushed to showcase athletes and give us exposure, while also mixing in fashion gear, footwear, etc. I couldn’t think of a better orgaisation for Her Sport to be partnering with! Her Sport have done such an incredible job giving girls in sport a platform and a voice, so I’m really excited to see what Life Style Sports and Her Sport can do together!” – Amy O’Donoghue, Her Sport & Life Style Sports ambassador.

Life Style Sports
Life Style Sports is Ireland’s largest sports retailer, stocking the best ranges from the coolest brands. Life Style Sports are committed to empowering women through their Life, their Style, and their Sports. This is brought to life in a number of ways, from the latest product with the best tech, to inclusive apparel sizing, expanding their football training range and boot sizing options.

HerSport Editor

Her Sport is a media platform centred on bringing the latest Irish and international women’s sports news. Her Sport aims to empower women in sport, inspire more female participation, increase opportunity and level the playing field for future generations. Our objective is to create real and tangible change.

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