Her Sport Six Nations Fantasy Rugby League

This year, the official organisers of the Six Nations have brought us the Women’s Six Nations Fantasy Rugby game!

We have created our own Her Sport League for our community to get involved in this year’s tournament and win some prizes along the way!

There will be prizes for Overall 1st, 2nd and 3rd place as well as prizes for the highest score in each round. So even if you join late – you can still win prizes each round!

Prizes include:

€150 Cash Prize
TWO trays of your favourite NOCCO flavours
A signed jersey from Beibhinn Parsons
Her Sport Merchandise

How to Enter:

The game is now LIVE!

Create your team here!

*Note for the first round only players playing this weekend (England, Scotland, France and Wales) will be able to be selected! You can add in your Irish and Italian favourites next weekend!

To join our league you will need to pay the €5 entry fee below – this will go towards all the fantastic prizes!

Once you do that, we will send you an email with the league code and instructions on how to join.  Play against your friends and the Her Sport community – it’s all a bit of fun and will keep everyone involved in this year’s Six Nations! Not to mention there are some prizes to be won!

How It Works:

The game itself is not complicated.

You have to select a team of 15 players within the allocated budget of 205 stars. Different players are valued higher than others – so be smart! You can also only select a maximum of five players from one country. Once you have your team selected, the players earn you points through multiple different ways when the tournament gets started! 


Match Results

Every player that you have that plays will earn your team points based on the result of the match they are playing in:

Home Win: 12 Points
Away Win: 18 Points
Home Draw: 4 Points
Away Draw: 10 Points
Home Loss: 1 Point
Away Loss: 3 Points

There is also points difference to bear in mind, with 0.5 points added or taken away for every point separating the teams.

Individual Player Actions

Points are also earned for every individual action your player has:

– Every tackle made by your player: 1 Point (‘dominant tackles’ are 2 Points)
– Every try by your player: 15 points
– Every metre made by your player: 0.3 Points (example 100m made is 30 points)
– Every defender beaten by your player: 2 Points
– Every conversion/penalty by your player: 3 points each
– Every drop goal by your player: 6 points each
– If your player wins Player Of The Match: 15 Points
– If your player gets a yellow card: -5 Points
– If your player gets a red card: -10 Points

You will also have to select a captain. Your captain will earn you DOUBLE points from the player you have selected.

Between rounds you will be able to change your players as much as you want – just remember player values increase / decrease the more popular they get so you might not always be able to afford someone you want as the tournament goes on!

If you have any questions or need help just email us at or send us a message on our socials!

We’ve got you covered with some hints and tips of some players to pick! 

HerSport Editor

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