Monday Coffee Break With Lorraine Bray

Waterford’s stock has been on the up and up in recent years and central to that has been the consistent excellency of their All-Star wing back from Cappoquin. Grab a coffee, kick back and enjoy five minutes in the company of Deise superstar Lorraine Bray.

Waterford’s Lorraine Bray (Cappoquin) pictured amongst the other 2019 Camogie Association All-Star winners.

Coffee order: Not a coffee drinker, tea all day!

WH: This is awkward. Change the name of the segment or plough on?

Occupation: Early childhood educator

First place you ever pucked a ball? Cappoquin GAA pitch

Who makes your hurls? Fitzgeralds

Any nicknames? Just Bray, rarely called Lorraine!

Of all the teams you’ve played for, what’s your favourite jersey? Have to go with the Cappoquin one…

If you could have the jersey of one opponent you respect the most, who would it be? Dougal O’Dea’s

WH: Frantically searching for players called Dougal…

Who is the biggest whinger at county training? Shacky Power

And most likely to hang you out to dry on social media on the sesh? Niamh Rockett, she never leaves that phone down!

Of everything you’ve won what’s your most cherished medal? Intermediate All-Ireland in 2015

In 2015, Waterford completed a memorable double by adding the Liberty Insurance All-Ireland intermediate camogie title to the Division 2 league crown they won earlier in the year.

Medals thrown in a drawer or up on the wall? Thrown in a drawer!

The key question… Midi or long socks? Midi, could be caught with the long ones the odd time though!

Carpool Karaoke on the way to training… What song and who would you belt it out with? Endor – Pump It Up… With Shona Shaggy Curran, Aisling Shacky Power and Quickey Hickey

WH: We are a bit disappointed that you haven’t said Shona Curran raps Angel on the way to every training session

Fav pre match meal? Chicken, pasta and tomato sauce. The usual!

And for a cheat meal? Pizza meal deal!

What’s your favourite ground to hurl in? Carriganore

What’s the one thing you have to do to play county that you will stop immediately on retirement? Pretend I don’t go to the chipper!

You may not know this about me but… I’m fond of a bit of Irish dancing

And finally Lorraine, keep it as it is or hurling rules? Hurling rules!

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