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Since you are here, we have a small favour to ask. We are dedicated to supporting and promoting women in sport and we know you are too! We haven't put up a paywall because we believe everybody deserves access to high-quality women in sport news and content. In 2020 our community has grown exponentially and we want to continue bringing you the highest standard of women in sport news and content possible. We are Ireland's only media organisation dedicated to women in sport and creating content takes time and immense hard work from our passionate team. As a small organisation sometimes we need a little bit of support. Any donation, big or small, goes a long way to support our mission in levelling the playing field. ALL donations go directly to funding our team for all their efforts in creating and delivering top quality content for YOU. Thank you for being a valued Her Sport reader and here's to being part of the journey in creating more opportunity for women in sport!

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